Sarah Spyos
Sarah Spyos

Sarah has been a yoga practitioner for over 5 years. At the ripe old age of 20, she started physical therapy to help with scar tissue acquired from 12+ years of horse back riding. Then her yoga-loving mother, Liba Spyros, encouraged me to increase her yoga practice. She did, and never looked back.

After trying several types of yoga, Sarah fell in love with Power Vinyasa Yoga. This form of yoga caters to the most basic beginners and advanced practitioners. Its flexible format allows for modifications of the smallest of steps, while offering adaptations for a never-ending challenge. For example, when Sarah first started yoga, her idea of touching her toes was gracing the top of her kneecaps with her fingertips. In fact, Sarah’s lack of flexibility used to be a private joke between her mother and she. Now, thanks to this practice Sarah can touch the floor and her flexibility constantly increases.

Sarah’s practice is inspired by the teachings of Baron Baptiste and Rolf Gates. She received her 200-hour teaching certificate through another Baptiste inspired yoga studio, Down Dog Yoga. She then enhanced her education by completing an additional 300-hour teacher training through Rolf Gates.

Opening Transform Power Yoga is the realization of a dream. Sarah has always lived a healthy lifestyle, but her mindset wasn’t in a healthy place. She spent years wanting to hide a figure she was uncomfortable in, as well as scared, and ashamed. However, through this practice, Sarah reached her goal of finally having a body that she is both comfortable and proud. Sarah finally realized how powerful she is. Her dream is to help others reach their own personal goals, and freedom with the use of this transforming practice.

Outside of the studio, Sarah still continues to ride her 2 horses Gwen and Bagira, and pamper her 22 year-old retired horse Best of Times.

So if you have a question, and you see Sarah in the studio or around town, please don’t hesitate to come ask her! There’s no such thing as a question that’s too small or too silly. Sarah welcomes them all. She looks forward to seeing, meeting, and practicing with you. So come on in and sweat with her!